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Ramblings of a Narcoleptic Fangirl

Will put you to sleep: Guaranteed!

Michelle S.
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So...I don't update that much.

This is a journal for my ficcies and random thoughts and quizzes. That, and some of my writing is a little too explicit for FF.Net's taste. So, rather then being a rebel and posting it anyway just to get FF.Net mad, I just decided to have some of it posted here, you know, to use up some space. =3

About me:

I go to the greatest university ever. TARHEEL!
I like to write. I'm very self-conscious about it, but I'll attempt to write regardless.
I'm not entirely sure where I want to go with my life.
I want to believe that with determination and more than enough luck, I'll find something in my life to dedicate to, other than family.

Such an emotional girl, am I? haha